• Extremely re-playable
  • Developers are active with the community; Fix bugs faster than most developers.
  • Hilarious and supportive community
  • Smooth gameplay, considering the graphic value.
  • Beautiful effects within map layouts that test the power of UE4


  • Servers are sometimes unstable, but quickly fixed by the developers.
  • Sometimes crashes, however it's mostly due to UE4.

Let me start out by saying that this game has been the most fun I’ve had in the recent years of games that have tried and failed this type of genre. Hide and Seek is a game that we’ve all, as children I would hope, played – however in in the last few years, developers have been trying to implement that nostalgic feeling of Hide and Seek in games, usually resulting in horror games. A great example is Hide vs. Seek, Prop Hunt, Dead Realm, The Flock and many more. Even with that type of competition in mind, Barrel Roll Games didn’t give into the pressure and managed to create this amazing game. However, with every amazing games – one must find flaws in order to be truthful, and here in Ascendum we believe in seeing everything before we can judge it.



At its core, Witch It holds true to the original Hide and Seek sentiment, however with a twist! There are two sides to this game that players can choose from, The Witches and The Hunters. In some cases, it will be completely randomized and whatever you are is based on our lord and savior, RNGesus. As a Witch, you start out in Witch form, allowing you to roam around the map and hover over any item with your mouse and allow yourself to become a perfect replica of that item. Once you become that item, you’re welcome to keep moving around or hide in an area perfectly still – perhaps even in plain sight. However, depending on your level in the game you’ll also acquire powers/abilities, which in the beginning as a witch you’ll be able to fly around the map if you so desire. The flying skill, much like the other abilities, do replete rather quickly, so if you have a destination in mind when you want to hide as an apple, for example, on top of a roof – you better get there fast and able to use your flying skill without missing, or else to the ground you go and Hunters will have a faster chance at finding you.


As for the Hunters, when you start out you will have a Chicken which will indicate when there are witches around the radius of the chicken, which will alert you and any other hunters nearby with a special cluck and an alert from it. Your main goal is to make sure that you take out the witches with your mighty potatoes, yes this is your weapon, and destroy them as fast as possible. The more you attack, the more the power bar on your screen will fill up which by then you’ll have to wait up to 5 seconds for it to replenish and allow you to attack again at full speed. You’re welcome to take out absolutely anything, throw potatoes at anything in the map – heck, even at the sky if you want. Unlike other games, Witch It allows the hunter to have unlimited amount of guesses without any penalty on them.



Overall, every map has its perks for both the witches and hunters. Some are enclosed, and allow the hunters to use their chickens more effectively – while others are extremely large, which makes sense if you are hosting a lobby of 16 or more players, and allow for the hunters to use their grappling hook (unlocked at later levels) to use their Attack on Titan-esque techniques to take out their opponents. As for the witches, they are always benefiting from any map, as their best friends is not the size of the map but the items stored inside it that allow for an easy escape and easy hiding spot.


Even with its charming endeavor to make sure that people are having fun, sometimes there are some issues on the backend that causes players to crash. Luckily for the Witch It community, the developers are very transparent, vocal and helpful when it comes to these types of problems. In my experience, I’ve witnessed the developers, including the community manager address these issues as quickly as possible and fix it within the same week – which in my opinion, is badass. The game uses Unreal Engine 4, and though graphically it looks like Runescape and Ultima Onine had a child, it runs extremely smooth. You can tell some of the fancy features that Unreal Engine allow for, in the maps and effects – such as the snow maps Snowbreeze and Fiskersted, whenever a prop is running around or even the hunters, it leaves permanent footprints (or the sight that something’s been dragged) on the ground, which allows for ease of finding the witches, sometimes.


The game is definitely a gem, and we can’t wait to see even more players, maps, items and overall content will come into it. It deserves it, and we’d like to take a moment to thank Barrel Games for allowing us to review their game, and giving us access to the current version. You can check out Witch It on their official website: http://www.witchit.com/


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