One of the most prominent content creators for games on YouTube, Cryy came by to share his story of how started out on Twitch, YouTube and grew to be one of the prodigies of what would be “The Gaming Guru”. Cryy, previously known as DeeXGundam, has gone through various challenges in his life, and through it all he’s still gone on and made new goals to achieve every time.


  • Launching his own clothing line known as “Lewd Complex”
  • Quickly becoming recognized as one of the top content creators for games on YouTube and Twitch
  • Working with popular MMORPGs to grow their community, and working closely with


Through so many years of trying to become a recognized figure in the gaming industry as a content creator, Cryy has gone on to achieve most, if not almost all, of his dreams and has become a true inspiration for content creators just starting out. Listen to his story as he goes through the challenges that he faces, with depression, anxiety and the fear of rejection.





Listen to the Spotlight below, or download at your leisure.

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