When Ascendum first started up, there were few that believed in us – and even fewer that took us seriously. However, a small handful of influential players around the world were enough to mold and shape our community for what we are today. Truth Eternal, from Heavenly Sword Gaming, listened to our ideas, goals and overall view of how we want to change the Gaming Community meta. Truth Eternal is also a professional voice actor, available for hire and a community leader for his own gaming community, Heavenly Sword Gaming. Here are some of the awesome projects that Truth takes care of:


  • Professional Voice Acting (For hire on Fiverr as well!)
  • What started as a small group for Halo 5, ended up a huge Gaming Community: Heavenly Sword Gaming
  • Community Event coordinator in previous games, and now preparing for Ashes of Creation


Through the many years of gaming and leading, Truth has taken advice from the communities that have lived for decades and turned those morals into his own world. With Heavenly Sword Gaming (HSG), they set out to bring forth a fun, exciting gaming adventure in the virtual world of MMORPGs and FPS games. Taking the aspects of how gaming should be, with a fun gaming experience – Truth sets out to change the world of communities should be led and managed.





Listen to the Spotlight below, or download at your leisure.

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