If you’ve been around the MMORPG world, you’ve most likely seen the amazing Social Gaming Community known as Gaiscioch. We had the pleasure to talk with its founder, Benjamin “Foghladha” Foley – the leader that has kept the community alive for 16 years! Starting from the realms of the Dark Age of Camelot MMORPG, Gaiscioch has made headlines for its charity work, helpfulness in games and being a major contributor to coordinating events. Some of the projects that Benjamin is a part of:



  • Gaiscioch, Social Gaming Community
  • The Gaiscioch Athletics Program
  • Charity Events with Extra Life, DoubleUP, Candelighters and Project Night Night.
  • The Gaiscioch Magazine
  • Game Public Community Events from RIFT, Guild Wars 2, Warhammer Online and more.



Through the endeavors of leading a gaming community for over 16 years, he has advice to give to upcoming guild and community leaders. We sat with Benjamin to speak about his past, the creation of Gaiscioch, how the community almost fell apart and the social gaming world in the MMORPG realms.



Listen to the Spotlight below, or download at your leisure.


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