Most of us in the MMORPG world have heard of the ever popular gaming podcast, The Dungeon Crawler Network. Ascendum’s own Sarumonin sits down with Aggelos, the founder of the Dungeon Crawler Network (DCN for short) and speaks about what it’s like to be a content creator of this level, and the necessary traits you need to succeed in this type of work. Not only is Aggelos a content creator however, he is a community leader – as DCN is not only just a Podcast and a place for fans and friends, but a popular name amongst the guilds in games such as Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, and many, many more. DCN has different segments available to its podcast series:


  • The Dungeon Crawlers: General MMO News & Discussion
  • From The Ashes: An Ashes of Creation Podcast
  • Tales of Tamriel: An Elder Scrolls Online Podcast
  • Chocobo Raiders: A Realm Recast
  • Tavern Talk: A Saga of Lucimia YouTube Exclusive Vodcast


Through all his work in the MMORPG community, and memorable events available to all players, not just exclusive to DCN – one must wonder what he plans to do now and in the future. After all, even though his work is noticeable by thousands of fans, one might wonder where this passion for community comes from.






Listen to the Spotlight below, or download at your leisure.

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