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Alice & Smith is an industry leader in the creation and operation of the most advanced Alternate Reality Game and transmedia production. Since 2007, our team has created some of the most innovative ARG, reaching millions of active players with various clients, including The Secret World, Game Workshop and NBC Universal.

We are also the first producer and publisher of ARG distributed on the gaming market via STEAM. Our team kept pushing the boundaries with the first Persistent Alternate Reality Game, The Black Watchmen, and its latest extension, the military cyberwarfare game NITE Team 4!


In the first ever Permanent Alternate Reality Game, you join the ranks of The Black Watchmen, a paramilitary group dedicated to protecting the public from dangerous phenomena beyond human understanding: ritualistic murder, occult secret societies, and the paranormal, to name but a few.

As a global organization, The Black Watchmen offer a wide range of skills and services for covert missions anywhere in the world, on behalf of any group, corporation or government that can afford them. Often called in as a last resort, The Black Watchmen pride themselves on their discretion, strength and efficiency.

To maintain objectivity in the field, you, as an agent, are never informed of the identity of the client. You are given only mission parameters and told how to distinguish friend from foe, but the lines are often blurred…


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