Before we begin, we’d like to go ahead and thank all of our brand new members that have joined us from the brand new MMORPG Secret World Legends, our core members that have helped us immensely from sharing their opinions for our design, suggestions on how to better their user experience on Discord and forums, and of course those amazing individuals that have helped us with the costs of this new start up.


Our members may have noticed that our logo has finally been released, especially when we teased our friends, family and acquaintances around the gaming world on Twitter:





As shown in that video, our logo is now complete and has become a copyrighted logo for Ascendum Gaming. We’d like to thank our Ascendum Artists that have contributed through their ideas, many, many, many designs and advice – which led to our final result when we hired a professional designer to help us out.















We’re extremely excited to be able to share our logo, as it is our brand from here on out. With that in mind, we’d like to extend a hand to all of the fantastic gaming communities, guilds, clans, friends, gaming studios and other close allies which have helped us to start with a bang! At the beginning of June, we released our very first video, which quoted close friends such as Snowpeak Studios, Ares Games, Isarii from, and many more in the video itself. It helped so much, and we owe you guys so much. Words on this page cannot begin to describe our appreciation, so in turn we made a video which is below the post.


Later this week, we will be posting about our latest partners and sponsors, which are now accessible through the main menu of our website. Originally, we were going to post on July 1st, however due to some unforeseen circumstances, we’ll have to delay to later this week.


Lastly, we are extremely  happy with our first Division in Secret World Legends. Our members have been active and just casually playing the game. Due to the content of the game, our Secret World Legends members are just trying to enjoy the game and the current content available. It’s amazing that even some of our most dedicated members have pushed harder than before and on Day 2 reached Max Level, and by Day 3 received some of the rarest gear in the game. Though we are unsure of our timeline in Secret World Legends due to its integral system, we are sure of one thing: We are enjoying ourselves, and we’re having more fun than ever before.


That’s all for now, and we’ll leave you with the video that accompanies this post. From the bottom of all our hearts, the team at Ascendum and its leaders thank you all for your support and we can’t wait to start showing our strengths in the MMORPG world, through community involvement and fun!



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