We are a freshly made gaming community with experiences in leading past communities, guilds/clans and other forms of community management. Ascendum brings something new to the table that other communities lack, and that isn’t the cliche of telling people we are “No-Drama Zone”, nor that we are “Experienced” as gamers, no. The Council, leaders of the Ascendum community, are well known leaders in the gaming world from past achievements and accomplishments in the gaming communities around the world, to leading well-respected guilds and being able to truly manage a community the way that it’s supposed to be led.



Sarumonin, previously leading guilds such as “Eterna” and raid-leading in “Guardians of the Light”, both previously multi-gaming communities, along with guilds such as Blood Ravens, in smaller games – has been noted as one of the most influential, positive role models for MMORPG Communities around the world. From reaching out to AAA and Indie Developers/Publishers alike, promoting products and using strong marketing techniques to make sure games get a name out there, to working with well-known content creators around the internet – he’s gone far and beyond to make sure that community management is led properly and correctly with previous work in the gaming industry. From working as a Game Master (GM), Community Manager and Moderator in previous MMOs, Sarumonin understands full well what is needed to make a community succeed.


Sneaky Fingerz, or Sneakz, aka The Loud One, also known for not having a filter and speaking his mind without holding back. He’s likely one of the most hardcore PvP oriented gamers out there. Started making a name for himself in a game called “Gates to Heaven”. Played for two years and was leader of the top PvP guild world wide called “Obsidian”. Later moved into the game “Rift” and was a high ranking officer within a guild called “The Purge”, an extremely organized PvP oriented guild in both open world and arena. After that, Sneakz got involved with “FF14”, setting a few server first records, within the end game dungeon at the time, called the Bahamut Coil, with a small hardcore 9 man guild. Then moved into “Elder Scrolls Online” and earned the title of Emperor in the Faction Wars several times. Finally, the latest game was “Skyforge”. He was the guild leader of “Eterna” at one point and recognized for bringing “Eterna” to be one of the Top 3 Pantheons in NA. Sneakz was also rank 2nd in PvP for NA. Sneaky Fingerz was a Community Manager for the previous gaming community “Eterna”. He has the leadership skills, loyalty, and dedication to build a fundamental community.


Moogle, known as the “optimistic idealistic goofball” is one of the leaders of Ascendums art community and avid gamer with a taste for good times and competitive play. Previous officer from a Blade and Soul guild, known as Eterna; one of the biggest clans in Poharan Server and previous rank holder in games such as Ragnarok, LaTale, and Elsword in both PVE Henir Challenge clears and the PVP scenes top 50.

Our Goal & Vision


Our goal in Ascendum is to make sure that our members are not encumbered by the usual restrictions that gaming communities nowadays hold. We want our members to be able to enjoy themselves in a relaxing, positive and energetic atmosphere with other like-minded gamers. In the gaming battlefield, such as our guilds for games, we are just wanting to have “fun”; Although shocking, it’s a long forgotten term within the last several years for gaming – we want our members to have fun with us, without any strict mindset for our core values.


Thank You


We want to thank our core members that started up with us, for believing in us. It’s no secret that we’ve had ups and downs in our gaming pasts, leading has been a roller-coaster, and in previous gaming communities we’ve been able to learn from mistakes and from human errors that will be able to lead us into a brighter future with Ascendum. From everyone in the Ascendum Gaming team, we thank you and welcome you to a brand new gaming experience.





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